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Windows Helpline Number UK

Microsoft Windows needs no introduction as the single most widely used Operating System (OS) for billions of users worldwide. Whether it is work, home, small businesses or large corporations, Windows OS is used almost everywhere due to its user-friendly interface, an array of features and immense technical capabilities literally placed at the fingertips of users through a highly accessible set of options. One barely needs any technical knowhow of computers to be able to use Windows OS and get things done in a jiffy.

There are bound to be some technical issues with the OS with such wide usage and Microsoft has taken care to put in place an extensive support network of professional technicians to provide the best of tech support possible to Windows users. Apart from online support, phone-based support can be accessed at Windows Phone Number UK for any kind of technical queries.

Here are some of the most common issues confronted by Windows users:

Problems in Installation of Windows 10: If you are facing issues in installing the latest version of Windows, which happens to be Windows 10, you may need to remove any hardware and devices which have no use at the time. Also make it a point to disable antivirus any firewall before rebooting the system, which should make it easier to install the latest version of Windows 10. If the problem can’t be sorted out this way, use a troubleshooter for Windows 10, provided by Microsoft on its support websites. Product key can be skipped without much issue. For additional technical help, ask technicians through

Windows Contact Number

Windows 10 Upgrade Issues: There can be problems while upgrading Windows 10 to the latest version available. Here are some quick fixes for Windows upgrade errors:

Remove any hardware not absolutely required, including any docks and USB devices.

  • 1.Check all hard drives for errors and attempt repairs if needed. For automatic hard drive repair, open an elevated command prompt and choose the drive you need to repair by typing following command: Chkdsk /C.
  • 2.Reboot the system if you are trying to repair the system drive.
  • 3.Try to repair and restore system files with following commands in the elevated command prompt which can take several minutes. These repairs should only be attempted if you are conversant with the use of command prompt and advanced system repair modules. Else, get in touch with professionals at Windows Support Number UK.
  • 4.Assistance in resolving crashes issue of the windows.
  • a. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth.
    b. sfc /scannow.
  • 5.Install all recommended Windows Updates and reboot.
  • 6.Remove all antivirus software and only use Windows Defender during the Windows upgrade.
  • 7.Re-install antivirus programs in the system after the Windows upgrade. Make sure the program is compatible with current version of Windows OS on your system.
  • 8.Remove any other software which is not needed. Update firmware and device drivers.
  • 9.Ensure that “Download and Install Updates (Recommended)” option was accepted when starting Windows upgrade.
  • 10.There should be at least 16 GB free space available on a 32-bit OS and 20 GB free space on a 64-bit OS for Windows upgrade.

If none of these fixes work, then you may need to seek expert assistance from technicians at Windows Helpline Number UK. They are equipped with the tools and resources needed to resolve this issue properly.

Windows Updates Not Working: This is another common issue faced by Windows users across its various available versions and missing out on critical updates might cause issues with your system. The specific solutions depend on what kind of error codes show up and which Windows version you were using at the time. If you are unable to follow the steps outlined in support material or it sounds confusing, don’t hesitate to connect with professional technicians at

Windows Customer Service Number UK

Windows support network is dedicated to resolve any user queries for a better quality of experience while using Windows OS. It is best for users to get acquainted with the basics though, which would eliminate a lot of time and trouble and they would approach professional support only when they really need it.