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Outlook Support Number UK

Outlook stands head and shoulders above the barrage of email desktop email clients available in the market today. This is primarily due to the level of functionality, security and capabilities it affords to the users. You can login on Outlook to receive and send mails not only from Hotmail or Outlook accounts, but can configure almost any web-based email accounts on Outlook with great ease. Not only that, it doubles up as a great personal information manager, organizing your schedules, daily tasks, event reminders, contacts and more in one go. It is but natural for home users as well as professionals to rely on Outlook for the versatility and ease-of-use it offers.

In addition, tech support for Outlook makes it possible to resolve any kind of problems in a jiffy. Users can access online support for help or directly contact professionals for phone-based support at Outlook Support Number UK for complete assistance.

Here are some of the common issues faced by Outlook users:

Outlook Not Responding, stuck at “Processing,” stopped working, freezes or hangs:

It could be that you are simply getting a screen showing “Processing” or Outlook might have frozen up, stopped working while working with a message or file. Depending on the exact nature of the issue an appropriate solution can be worked out:

Start Outlook in Safe Mode to Fix “Processing” Screen: Launch Outlook in safe mode using appropriate options depending on the Windows version you might be using. Then again close the Outlook and open in normal mode. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, there might be another problem. It could be the right time to seek expert assistance at

Outlook Helpline Number

A Dialog Box is Open: It might simply be that a dialog box was left open from Outlook which is not letting you move on. Use Alt+Tab option to browse through all the windows open at the time and close if any dialog boxes are found open. This should fix the issue.

Ensure that Outlook isn’t working on a Large File or Lengthy Process: You could be trying to move a number of messages to another folder or deleting several messages at one go, and things might seem like Outlook is stuck. It is simply that Outlook is diligently working on the command and you should perhaps give it a few minutes to complete the task and then see if it’s responding again. If it is taking unusual time without any such command being given in the first place, you might need some extra help from technicians at

Outlook Support Number UK

Problems with Email Management in Outlook: One might face one or several issues with managing emails in Outlook because of issues with the Outlook PST files. This might include:

  • 1.Corrupt or damaged PST files are causing problems and errors.
  • 2.PST files have become over-sized, which increases chances of it becoming corrupt as well.
  • 3.With new releases of Outlook, older PST files might have become accumulated, which is causing problems.
  • 4.Multiple copies of data or mails in Outlook mailbox is causing the problem by adding to PST file sizes.

Technical Issue You Could Face in Microsoft Outlook

  • * Hangs the Outlook when click on conversation History Folder.

  • * Meeting updates are automatically sent.

  • * Sends blank emails.

  • * Automatically switch color to black and white when printed.

  • * Freezing the signature button.

All such issues can be efficiently resolved with help of a number of advanced repair tools available for the purpose. If one finds it difficult, they could also contact professionals at

Outlook Helpline Number

for complete assistance and resolution. Here are some of the tools which can be employed usefully

Stellar Outlook PST Repair: This tool is designed to repair damaged or corrupted PST files which helps restore all kinds of content with great ease.

Stellar PST Splitter: This tool splits large PST files to make them manageable in the form of smaller, more organized files.

Stellar Compact PST: It helps compress any over-sized PST files, which makes them more manageable, thus resolving any issues caused due to the same.

These and other tools are available for helping manage PST files better. However, not everyone might be comfortable with use of such tools to manage their Outlook mailbox. For these or any other issues, one can get in touch with professionals at Outlook Customer Service Number UK.