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The utility of Microsoft Office applications is not lost on anyone, and Office 365 offers managed access to these applications, depending on individual user needs. This access is managed by means of a number of Office 365 subscription plans offered by Microsoft. You can opt for a one-time purchase of Office 2016, for instance, but choosing an Office 365 subscription can offer several advantages over that, including new feature updates, which are not available on one-time purchase. Those using Office 365 on a PC also get additional access to Microsoft Access and Publisher apps. Hi-end tech support is also available at Office 365 Helpline Number UK for resolving any technical issues.

Some of the features and capabilities of Office 365 include

Free Major Upgrades: Apart from regular feature updates from Microsoft, Office 365 would also include any major upgrades and future versions of Office apps for free of cost. This is not possible in one-time purchase of MS Office which is costly, yet deprives the user of these major upgrades, requiring yet another full purchase.

Shared Access across Multiple Platforms and Devices: It is possible to install the Office apps on upto 5 devices including 5 PCs/Macs, 5 tablets and 5 phones (including Windows, Android and iOS). This is not possible with the traditional version of MSOffice apps, making it an ideal choice for users looking to make the most of this shared access on multiple devices. If a user is facing any technical snag in accessing Office apps on shared devices, experts at Office 365 Phone Number might be able to help.

Additional Cloud Services: Every Office 365 user gets 1TB of cloud storage space on OneDrive to store and share documents, videos, photos and more. They can be shared and edited with great ease from any of the shared devices. This makes Office 365 a great cloud-based collaboration tool as well, which can help team members of a project work together that much easily.

Premium Experience: Office 365 comes with advanced protection against phishing and malware for upto 5 accounts, enhancing the overall user security. In addition, one won’t have to be bothered with ads anymore and can enjoy access to a 50GB mailbox. If Outlook accounts should still encounter any security or functionality issue, users can get in touch with technicians at

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for complete resolution.

Cloud-based Co-Authoring and Data Sharing Capabilities: Through OneDrive based cloud storage and SharePoint access, it becomes possible for collaborators to make changes to the same document in real time and review work of team members on the go and make useful suggestions as well. Data sharing becomes easier by sharing cloud links of stored files instead of constantly sending bulky files to users.

Additional Features and Apps in Business and Enterprise Plans: Business and enterprise-level users would have access to specialized apps to enhance their work capabilities, making online communication, video conferencing, making presentations, collaborating across the board that much easier and fun. On top of that, they won’t need to install all of the apps on their systems or purchase a full-licensed version and can simply choose a suitable subscription for only as long as they might really need those capabilities. This would not only save their precious on-site resources and enhance work efficiency but also reduce overall project costs and add to work productivity at the same time. Faster and more efficient tech support is available for business and enterprise-level subscriptions at

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These are only some of the advantages afforded by Office 365 which makes possible seamless functionality across devices and work collaboration becomes that much more effective with this array of tools and technologies placed at the disposal of users. One only needs to compare one-time purchase of Office 2016 against an Office 365 subscription to see how it makes a difference. Technical support is another aspect which distinguishes Office 365 from others and users would be able to approach a centralized support network of highly trained professionals at Office 365 Support Number UK in no time for resolution of any and all technical problems.