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Norton Helpline Number UK

Developed by Symantec Corporation as one of the most advanced security solutions of the day, Norton antivirus affords one of the most complete security solutions to millions of users across the world. Apart from taking care of countless potential threats that could affect your system security, Norton is known for its intuitive threat detection approach and advanced heuristics to identify and eliminate zero-day malware without any issues.

To complement its state-of-the-art technology, Norton also affords advanced customer support for efficient resolution of all technical queries of its customers. Users can seek expert assistance of phone-based support technicians at Norton Helpline Number UK.

Some of the key features and capabilities that set apart Norton from most other security solutions include:

  • 1.Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP): This capability allows Norton to protect any Windows device, in case any undetected vulnerabilities within Windows applications or even OS are exploited by zero-day threats from unknown sources. This means that Norton works to identify and eliminate any new threats even as they are preparing to attack the system.
  • 2.Virtual Environment Testing: To check any suspicious files, Norton’s emulator analyzes them and test runs in a protected virtual environment and observes their behavior for any potential threats before allowing the files to run on the main device.
  • 3.Cloud-Based Controls: A number of cloud-based controls and capabilities in Norton account allows you to troubleshoot, update or install Norton antivirus with great ease. This also makes possible higher accessibility across multiple platforms and devices through cloud-based management.
  • 4.SONAR Behavioral Protection: An advanced response mechanism is utilized by Norton to detect any suspicious behavior for faster and intuitive detection of any malware, bots or other threats.
  • If any of these features are not working as intended, do not hesitate to seek expert assistance at

    Norton Phone Number UK

    Here are some of the issues commonly faced by Norton users:
    Norton Antivirus Not Opening or Crashing: If Norton antivirus is not responding as it should, you can follow these steps:
  • i). Reboot the system in Safe Mode with Networking.
  • ii). Try to update Norton Antivirus to latest version.
  • iii). Run full system scan before trying to boot the system in Normal Mode.
  • This should help resolve the unresponsiveness issue. However, if Norton is still not responding, one could use Norton Removal Tool to completely remove Norton before installing again. If the issue still remains, it could be because of some pre-existing antivirus program on your PC. Remove the other antivirus program completely, then try and re-install Norton and see if it works. For advanced support, call technicians at Norton Antivirus Support Number.

    Norton Antivirus Not Compatible with Windows 10: This kind of issues involves getting a message, "Your version of the product is incompatible with this version of Windows…" after upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10. It could simply be that you have not updated your Norton product after the OS update.

    One might even get a message, "We’ve turned on Windows Defender. Your version of Norton 360 is incompatible with this version of Windows. Do you want to keep using Windows Defender, or update Norton 360?"

    • • To update Norton 360, click Update below the message.
    • • In User Account Panel dialog box, click Yes.
    • • In installation prompt window, click Next. Follow on-screen instructions to complete installation.
    This should resolve the compatibility issues but if it doesn’t seem to work for some reason, maybe technicians at

    Norton Help Number

    would be able to work out a solution.

    Norton support technicians offer complete workarounds for a wide variety of problems that might be encountered by users. With constantly emerging threats, Norton believes in taking the fullest possible measures to ensure complete security of users. This is why Norton employs trained and dedicated technicians for phone-based support who can be sought for help round-the-clock at Norton Customer Service Number. However, it is advised for users to get acquainted with the complete array of security features and capabilities afforded by Norton to ensure that best protection is activated on their PC.