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Linksys is one of the leading networking equipment manufacturers, known for their technical expertise in the field. No wonder, millions of users employ Linksys routers, Ethernet switches and network storage devices for their connectivity needs across the world. Linksys wireless routers are designed to support most of the home and small business network setups.

Additionally, Linksys also makes dual-band routers, meant for supporting multiple Wi-Fi standards. Depending on user needs, one can choose a router specifically meant for travel or mobility purposes with appropriate connectivity features. Any technical issues related to any type and make of Linksys routers can easily be resolved through online support or phone-based support at Linksys Router Support Number UK.

Here are some of the issues commonly faced by users:

Router Not Responding Or Network-Related Issues: There can be a number of reasons behind an unresponsive router or some network issues. One of the reasons could be that your system had a major upgrade recently, maybe a Windows Upgrade to Windows 10 or another Windows 10 Update, after which you are experiencing issues with connecting to network through router. These compatibility issues can be resolved with the help of available software updates and firmware upgrades, about which you will be notified periodically on the web interface of your router. Firmware upgrades typically fix a number of issues with the functionality of a router and if you are facing an issue in installing these upgrades, you should probably ask for help from professionals at

Linksys Contact Number

Problems with Wireless Signal: Some of the connectivity issues are simply because of a weak wireless signal. If a router is placed too far from a system it can naturally weaken the strength of Wi-Fi signal and one should make sure that router is well within the wireless network range and not placed almost at its edge. Another common reason is interference from other equipment, whether it is a TV, cordless phones, microwave or Bluetooth devices, anything which emits wireless signals.

One needs to reposition the router in such a way that its signal does not receive interference from other devices. Yet another issue could be that the Wi-Fi channel being used for network connection is too crowded, which is slowing down or disrupting connection. The solution is simple, log into router’s web interface and look for another Wi-Fi channel which might offer better connectivity. However, if the problem is not sorted out, do not hesitate from seeking expert help at Linksys Router Help Number UK.

It may also be interesting to share an easy fix for most of Linksys routers here, which can help take care of several performance-related and other issues:

Powercycle the Device: This is perhaps the easiest fix which can be performed in no time and works well with a number of known issues. To do this:

  • • Power OFF the router and unplug the cord.

  • • Wait for 10 seconds and then reconnect the cord.

  • This seemingly simple solution can help resolve these issues:
  • 1.Dropping/Intermittent Wireless Connectivity
  • 2.Slow Downloads
  • 3.Slow Upload
  • 4.Forgot Wireless Settings of the Router
  • 5.Unable to Access Router’s Web-based Setup Page

If the issue you are facing is not resolved by powercycling the router, it would be recommended to look for specific solution in online support material or seek professional assistance at

Linksys Router Phone Number UK

Today, routers have become much more than merely networking devices, they are designed to function as smart devices, with an array of advanced features and capabilities, which can be deployed by user when needed. It is essential to look for a router which meets your networking needs adequately and offers smart controls along with a fairly advanced level of security, because without connectivity is of no use without proper network security to take care of data privacy concerns. It is advisable to go through the online support material and utilize support resources when in need. When in doubt or faced with a nagging issue, professional technicians at Linksys Router Customer Service Number UK might also prove to be of great help.