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Lexmark Printer Help Number UK

Lexmark manufactures some of the best quality printing devices and offers a complete range of printing solutions for millions of users worldwide. Whether you are a home user, professional or representing a business, you would be able to find a Lexmark printer to suit your specific requirements without much effort.

You can choose a printer for high-quality photo or document prints, faster printing with large print volumes for enterprise-level use, or a small printer which capable of meeting your document printing needs for individual use. Lexmark provides comprehensive customer support as well for any technical issues that might trouble the users. One can seek expert assistance from trained technicians at Lexmark Printer Help Number UK.

Some of the common problems faced while using Lexmark printers are outlined here with self-help tips:

Printer Driver Setup Issues: If the printer drivers are corrupt or damaged, they can cause a number of problems with functionality and make it difficult to print properly. If you have updated drivers but facing issues, make sure that updates are compatible with your system OS and look for any additional downloads or patches to fix any compatibility issues. It is important to download driver updates from an authenticated source or faulty updates could damage your printer drivers. For persistent issues, get in touch with technicians through

Lexmark Printer Support Number UK

Printer Doesn’t Print Properly: There can be several issues responsible for this.

Printer Not Connected to Network or Not Powered properly: If you are using a wireless printer, make sure that Wi-Fi status indicator is on and printer is connected to wireless connection to receive the print job. If connected, restart the router and printer to see if it connects properly. For wired printers, ensure that power cord is plugged in properly and if it’s a laser printer, always plug it directly into a wall outlet instead of some UPS or power strip for better results. If such power issues continue to trouble uses, it is recommended to seek a solution from professionals at Lexmark Printer Contact Number UK.

Paper-Related Issues: You could be using paper of incorrect size. Check in printer settings if the paper size settings match with the paper size you are using, if not change the paper or settings, as might be the case. They should be in sync. Restart the printer after this and look for “Ready” button on the front panel of printer to ensure that it’s ready to receive the print job. It is also important to ensure that paper tray is not overloaded which can also create problems. Paper jamming can be another issue which might affect printing functions. Look for any piece of paper or even tiny bits stuck in the printer and remove them carefully and restart the printer. If the issue is not solved, ask technicians at

Lexmark Printer Phone Number UK

for further assistance.

Lexmark Printer Error Codes:

1. Error 24: It indicates incompatibility between the paper size selected for print and the data format chosen. Either one of them needs to be changed for smooth printing, for instance, if paper size cannot be changed, then change the format to make sure that the data fits in properly with the current paper size.

2. Error 30: It indicates that the Top Cover is open or Print Cartridge is missing. Open the cover and make sure if the spring-mounted pin on the printhead shroud is placed correctly. The pin should enter the tower on HVPS and depress cover switch as the cover closes.

3. Error 32: It shows that incorrect print cartridge has been installed in the printer and needs to be replaced with the correct type of cartridge. One must make sure that the new cartridges are compatible with the printer before installing them.

Lexmark printers might display different error codes when facing an issue. It depends on the specific printer model what kind of error code shows up in a certain instance. These guidelines are only indicative and not exhaustive and it is best to seek expert assistance from professionals at Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number UK.