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Kodak Printer Help Number UK

Kodak is well-known for developing hi-end imaging and printing solutions for home, office and business use. A wide selection of Kodak printers present some of the most affordable, stylish and versatile printing solutions to meet individual user needs in an effective manner.

Kodak All-in-One printers are among the most popular printing products manufactured by this company, fulfilling printing needs of millions of average users along with the facility to scan and copy with great ease. To complement its technology, Kodak has setup an extensive support network of professionals to resolve any technical queries. Users can get in touch with technicians at Kodak Printer Help Number UK for any sort of assistance.

Some of the commonly encountered issues while working with Kodak printers include:

Wireless Connection Issues with All-in-One printer: Review the network configuration info to ensure that the printer is actually disconnected from the network or not. If active connection type is Wi-Fi, it is connected. However, if the Wi-Fi status indicator is off or blinking, you may need to turn on the Wi-Fi radio and choose your network. Follow these steps:

  • 1.Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • 2.Select Menu (or Home) from printer control panel.
  • 3.Next, choose the desired network.

This should get the printer connected. If there is an issue with signal strength, you could consider repositioning the router somewhere else, but it should be within the network range to be able to function. It would also help to ensure that there are no other devices in the signal path which might interfere with the wireless signal of router. If this doesn’t work, however, one could contact professionals at

Kodak Printer Support Number UK

for complete assistance.

Paper Jamming Issue: This kind of issue is common with printers and one need to check if they are using the correct paper size for the printer. If not, use the correct paper size. Dirt or dampness could also lead to this issue as printer is sensitive to these foreign elements and could cause various types of issues. Sometimes, it might be simply that papers were stuck together or that the paper tray was overloaded with papers, causing an issue with paper moving smoothly into the printer. These issues can be resolved without much problem. However, if this issue arises frequently, you might seek expert assistance at Kodak Printer Phone Number UK.

Cloud Printer Setup Issues: A wide range of Kodak printers support Kodak Email Print Service, an elegant e-printing solution which allows you to print directly from the mail. Along with it, cloud printing is also supported by many Kodak printers, making it possible to print your files directly from the cloud without the hassle of downloading them on the device. First thing that a user needs to do is ensure that the printer they are using is cloud ready. The comprehensive list of cloud ready printers can be found on support websites.

It is also important to ensure that the device you are using for cloud print is registered for this facility. You would be prompted for registering the device when you look for cloud printing and it would be difficult to print from an unregistered or improperly registered device. For additional support and assistance, make a call at

Kodak Printer Contact Number

Windows Sending Print Job to Another Printer: It is a common issue for office setup where multiple printers are used regularly. It could be that Windows is sending the print job to default printer which is creating this issue. Go to Devices and Printers section and look for Printers and Faxes. If you want to change the default printer to the one you want to use, choose Set As Default Printer for the desired printer.

Kodak printers offer some of the finest quality prints and are known for their long-life and durability. However, technical issues can easily affect the functionality and efficiency of printers, but one can always seek expert assistance at Kodak Printer Customer Service Number UK for complete solution.