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HP truly excels in developing a wide range of affordable printing solutions to meet diverse customer needs and manufactures highly specialized printing devices fine-tuned to fulfill requirements of specific user groups. You can order a home use single or multifunction printer from HP with the facility of HP ePrint, or get hold of a classy small office printer designed to meet your weekly print volume requirements. Large workgroups, departments can look for veritable workhorses adapted for multiple users and capable of turning out thousands of fine quality prints per month.

No matter what your needs, HP offers the perfect printing solutions, along with dedicated customer support to ensure that its customers are not left in a lurch due to any technical snags. They offer both online as well as phone-based support through

HP Printer Helpline Number

where trained professionals work round-the-clock to address user queries of all sorts.

Here we provide Service for Hp Printers:
• Printing quality is not good
• Setup and Installation help by experts
• Printer does not communicate with computer
• Printing offline issue
• Help for installation of drivers
• Install latest drivers and wireless printers
• Solution for pending print jobs
• Complete services for wired and wireless printers

Here are some of the most common issues faced by users along with basic workarounds:

Paper Jamming: There can be a number of reasons for paper getting jammed in the printer. There could be dirt accumulating inside, using incorrect paper type or even the rollers on the printer need to be replaced. These rollers feed the paper in the printer and if they have been worn out, there isn’t much you can do except looking for a replacement.

Depending on the printer model, you may need instructions to replace the rollers, or better still, get a technician to do it. In case you are trying to remove a paper stuck I your printer, try not to pull it backwards but always pull in direction of the paper path for better results. If frequent paper jamming doesn’t stop despite changing rollers, you may need to ask a technician at HP Printer Conctact Number UK for assistance.

Toner Smears or does not stay on the Paper: This kind of problem involves words of images coming off of the paper if you run your hand across them. These are some of the possible causes:

  • 1.Fuser assembly might be damaged and has run out of its use. It needs to be replaced.
  • 2.Toner cartridge could be defective and lets out too much toner which is causing the smearing problem. If you are using a B&W laser printer, you might need to replace the toner cartridge. However, if it’s a color laser printer, you may only need to replace the cartridge which is exhibiting the problem.
  • 3.Technical assistance in resolving printer shuts down problem that occurs in the middle of running tasks.
  • 4.Toner might have spilled on the printer, causing smearing problem. It needs to be cleaned.

Printer displays 50.4 Error Message: This error message shows up in some of the HP Laser Jet Printers which might indicate a problem with the power supply. One of the probable causes could be that the printer is plugged into a UPS, this can cause issues, since a laser printer requires power surges to keep the fuser assembly warm, which can potentially damage the UPS. It can also lead to this kind of issue with the printer. It is always best to not plug your laser printer into a power strip and instead plug it directly into a wall outlet. If the issue is not fixed, you need to make sure if all the printer components are working properly. For persistent issues, one should perhaps call experts at

HP Printer Customer Support Services

for additional assistance.

These are only some of the possible issues which may arise while working with HP printers, however, staff technicians at HP printer support are skilled enough to address almost any queries without losing time. Professionals at HP Printer Support Phone Number UK would get to work and fix the issue as quickly as possible, they have access to complete knowledgebase of technical details for all sorts of printer models and you only need to tell them what printer model you are using, what kind of problem you are facing along with any error messages you might be getting.