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Hotmail Support Number UK

Hotmail is a widely used emailing service offered by Microsoft, which allows a great deal of flexibility in its functioning and operability. Hotmail emerges as an ideal choice for users looking for an advanced set of functionalities, working interchangeably with Outlook, known as one of the best desktop email clients, used by laymen and professionals alike for the ease of use afforded. This combined access to Outlook and Hotmail makes it an even more attractive proposition to use Hotmail email service, also bringing on board unlimited storage and the ability to organize personal contacts, schedule tasks, set event reminders and more.

Another aspect which makes Hotmail such a craze among users is the kind of technical support provided for any possible issues which might affect the performance and functionality of Hotmail. Highly trained technicians can be sought for phone-based support at Hotmail Support Number UK for complete assistance. Here are some of the most basic issues faced by Hotmail users:

Not Receiving Emails in Hotmail Account:It can be caused due to several reasons including.

Your Junk Mail Filters are Sending Mails to Junk/Spam Folder: You might have set junk mail filters in such a way that it redirects some of your useful mails to the Junk folder. Check any useful mails in junk folder and click on “Not Junk” button to move mails to inbox and to ensure mails from these addresses are delivered to inbox in future.

Sender Address was added to Blocked Senders List: You might have accidentally added the sender address to your blocked senders list, which would block any incoming mail for obvious reasons. Choose “Remove from list” for any safe senders which might show up on your blocked senders list. It would be best to add the safe senders to the “Safe Senders List” to make sure that future mails are not misplaced due to any reason. If one still faces an issue with receiving mails from a safe sender, one might have to seek assistance from experts at

Hotmail Contact Number UK

Check if Email Rules Are Affecting Incoming Mails: If some email rule is responsible for causing the mess, modify or delete the rule by using “Edit” option for rules.

Facing Trouble Signing-In to your Hotmail account:

There could be several reasons responsible for this including:

Forgot the password: This is the most common issue, especially if you have logged in after some time. You could try again, making sure that Caps lock is turned off. Clear your browser’s cache and if it doesn’t work, try logging in from another browser. If you really forgot your password, follow the steps for password recovery. If you feel that your account is hacked or compromised, get in touch with professionals at Hotmail Phone Number UK for assistance

Logging in From a New Device or Location: This can trigger an alert to make sure that an authorized user is trying to access the mail. You need to confirm that it’s really you. However, if you get an alert for an unauthorized login from a device or location, you don’t recognize, your account may have been compromised. Seek expert help to secure your account at

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Reset the password and any security-related info you might have stored to keep your account safe.

Your Account Might Be Temporarily Blocked: This can happen if spamming, phishing or other fraudulent activity has been detected from your account. It is also possible in case of any violation of the use of content as laid down in the “Terms of Use” by Hotmail.

Hotmail offers an advanced level of security and makes communication that much more organized by working with Outlook. However, one of the common problems is that the average user is not acquainted well enough with the kind of settings and options afforded by Hotmail and Outlook for users. It would not only help reduce chances of facing basic issues but also enhance the overall user experience. However, if one is still getting bogged down by technical issues, they need not hesitate to contact support professionals at Hotmail Customer Service Number UK