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D-link Router

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D-Link Router Helpline Number UK

D-Link is known for its advanced technology and efficiency of networking equipment and routers, which is why millions of users employ D-Link routers for home as well as professional use. It would be difficult to imagine any modern workspace without connectivity and if it is disrupted, the entire workflow comes to an instant halt.

D-Link products offer a high level of functionality and make possible flawless connectivity for users. To ensure that this functionality is not affected and users are able to get the most out of D-Link routers, the company has setup an elaborate customer support network, which works round-the-clock to address user queries. Technicians at D-Link Router Helpline Number UK have the right kind of tools and resources to handle any router-related issues.

Here are some of the common issues faced by D-Link router users:

Internet Not Accessible on Router: This can occur due to improperly connected router or incorrect settings. Follow the steps:

  • 1.Check the cables are properly connected. Connect an Ethernet cable between Modem and D-Link Router Internet port. Connect computer to any of the LAN ports on D-Link router.
  • 2.Login to the Router Dashboard and check if the cable status is Connected.

  • If Cable Status is Connected but there is no WAN IP, try these fixes:

  • • Clone your PC Mac address.
  • • You should ensure that D-Link router is connected to the same system which was able to connect to internet when connected to modem.
  • • Power off both modem and D-Link router. Power on Modem and wait for 60-90 seconds before you power on D-Link router.

This should fix the issue, is not then contact technicians at

D-Link Router Support Number UK

for complete assistance.

Network Connectivity Issues: There can be a number of technical reasons behind such an issue but most often, connectivity is disrupted due to these simple reasons.

Firmware or Device Drivers Need an Update: Often it happens that either the device driver or the router needs an update or Firmware upgrade. If either your system or router is not properly updated, it can cause compatibility issues and lead to connectivity issues. At times, if you have updated your Windows OS, other devices might also need a compatible update or firmware upgrade, as might be the case. If one is unable to find a workaround with a firmware upgrade or update, technicians at D-Link Router Contact Number might be of assistance.

Wireless Interference: It might come as a surprise to some, but wireless signals are not emitted and received by your router alone, but several household devices like Bluetooth, microwave, TVs and even cordless phones emit signals which might interfere with your router signal and cause connectivity issues. It would require repositioning the router to such a location where no signal is able to interfere with the router, allowing for perfect connectivity.

Wi-Fi Signal is Weak: This can occur either due to the channel being used for wireless signal being too crowded or because the router is placed near the edge of your network signal range and is barely able to receive and transmit the signal. One could change the Wi-Fi channel if that is the issue and relocate the router in close proximity of the system or at least somewhere well within the wireless signal range. This should fix the issue properly but if a solution seems difficult or some other problem is causing it, seek professional support at

D-Link Router help Number

Router is Overburdened: It might be the case that your router is overburdened due to heavy data usage, which is why it is necessary to use a router capable of handling the kind of traffic you expect to have. For business users, it would be recommended to use an appropriate router which would not give in due to heavy data usage and work efficiently. To know about the right router for your needs, it would be recommended to ask support professional s at D-Link Router Customer Service Number UK.