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Computing and digital technology has grown by leaps and bounds in past couple of decades and so have the threats which can potentially affect data privacy concerns. Today, there is a wide array of system threats ranging from malware, viruses and bots to executables along with new kinds of threats emerging almost every day. In such a scenario, the role of antivirus programs has become that much critical and AVG affords the complete protection desired by any home or business user.

AVG understand individual user needs and designs a wide range of security solutions to meet diverse requirements of customers. To meet this end, AVG also offers enhanced support through its online and phone-based network of technicians at AVG Helpline Number for UK who are dedicated to resolving any and all technical queries of users.

Here are some of the features which set apart AVG from most other antivirus programs:

Advanced Link Scanning and Phishing Protection: AVG takes link scanning a step ahead, including scans of not only email attachments but also protecting user from potentially dangerous websites. This includes scanning even HTTPS sites for any possible malicious content which might stay undetected otherwise. With increasing popularity of social media, threats have also found a new way to threaten your system security and this is why AVG analyzes any Facebook and Twitter links which might compromise your data privacy and security. If any of these features are not working as they should, or you think some malicious program has affected your security, you can ask technicians through

AVG Support Number UK

AVG Advanced Heuristic Analysis: Along with conventional scanning engine which matches any suspicious codes with digital signatures of malware in its database, AVG adopts an innovative approach to help identify ‘zero-day’ malware based on a wide range of behavioral attributes. This is made possible by next-level heuristic monitoring, backed by highly competent AVG’s online analysis lab where any new malware definitions are uploaded and distributed to millions of users every day to help stop threats before they can begin their work. For any technical queries related to efficiency of heuristic analysis and how it can best used to their advantage, users can seek expert assistance at AVG Contact Number.

AVG Highly Customizable Scanning Features: AVG offers some of the most advanced custom scanning capabilities, which allows users to tweak how AVG scans their system more effectively. These powerful features include the ability to adjust the intensity of heuristic scanning and choosing whether to scan scripts and shared libraries or not. You can setup a scan for system boot sector on next startup, system memory and autostart programs, it can also scan for rootkits. For any technical issues that may affect functionality of these security features, you can seek expert help from technicians at AVG Antivirus Phone Number.

AVG Next-Gen File Shredder: For modern professionals, data security doesn’t end with merely protecting system from any security threats but also to avoid data theft and prevent unauthorized retrieval of confidential data. To this end, AVG presents an advanced file shredder which employs the US Department of Defense’s 5220.22-M systematic algorithm to wipe away any file with a number of successive passes to ensure it cannot be retrieved by anyone.

AVG Custom User Interface: AVG offers a state-of-the-art interface which lets a user monitor and control system security with great ease. There are a number of custom settings available which can be employed instantly to ensure that specific security needs of a user can be met without compromising on any aspect. It has two functional units, Computer and Web & Email, dedicated to their specific roles of looking after system and online security respectively. These things make AVG one of the most adaptable malware programs available. In case of any issues with activating the Web Shields or any other feature, technicians at AVG Customer Service Phone Number UK are always available to resolve your queries.

What makes AVG support mechanism so efficient is the quality of professional services afforded to users. Additionally, technicians at AVG support are equipped with an array of tools and resources to help with addressing any user queries effectively.